Consultanta sau asistenta agricola (agribusiness)Agribusiness Consultancy (assistance)

Agriland 2000 provides to all interested parties agricultural (agribusiness) consultancy or assistance

Information, data, analysis, case studies, market research, Agriland 2000 opinion on various topics or its vision on a typical AG market, perspectives and previsions all are in the hands of Agriland 2000 ready to be delivered to you in order to facilitate your decision making or your operational activities. 

The AG information is vital in our daily and overall business decisions and Agriland 2000 through its own activity in Romania and Europe can connect you to the righ infomation easily and effective. 

We can assist you either to choose the right AG investment or maybe we can join you in the field in order to expose our own professional opinion on your choice.

Our consultancy services are to be provided on the basis of a short term or medium to long-term time window. Its up to you!

The AG consultancy covers all the regions of Romania and Central and Eastern Europe.

We are interested to develop European partnerships with ag consultancy companies


Consultanta agribusiness Consultanta agribusiness Consultanta agribusiness Consultanta agribusiness Consultanta agribusiness

The AG consultancy in Romania is still into its early stage. In this field the services must focus on the business side of the agriculture. 

Agriland 2000 is right here to boost the AG business value of your company. We believe in what you are doing!