Agriculture Agribusiness Consultancy

Agribusiness CONCEPT + Designing & Implementation


Your AG (agricultural, agribusiness) business investments have to be adapted to the macroeconomic context and also to the resources available. 

In terms of the market this means vision & strategy in order to design the agribusiness concept and to successfully implement it. 

Agriland 2000 has 17 years of practical agribusiness experience in designing, implementing and post-implementation of agricultural business concepts modelated on the type of investment you are looking for.

An integrated, well structured and geared-in agribusiness concept guarantees a successfull AG story. 

With all the above elements, the agribusiness concept can then be animated by the people catalysers i.e. the ones who  believe and have the enthusiasm to put it into practice in this mirific agricultural (agribusiness) universe.   

The architecture of the agribusiness concept is not going to be a hard-working process as long as there are known the vital elements in building a strong AG concept foundation.


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Either is about Europe, Central & Eastern Europet (CEE) or Romania, Agriland 2000 reveals the esential criteria for your agribusiness type of investments in terms of: