AG Tax & Accounting services

Agriland 2000 offers proffessional services focused on accounting, financial and tax aspects but also on management accounts.   

Agriland 2000 developed its own electronic platform in order to incorporate both investors requirements but the local legal frame features as well. In this respect the accounting data is incorporated in the management accounts and all the other data and information coming from the field and/or the work places (farms). 

The accounting, financial and tax statements are as equal as important to the private users as to the public authorities (including the EU bodies). 

The management accounts is a usefull managerial tool in order to better understand the operational side of the business therefore to improve productivity in a cost-effective way. 



AG accounting tax fiscal services

By use of management accounts we take into consideration the range of costs of production per year or per crop, the output i.e. netto income per hectar or per tonne or any other unit of measure. Plus many other practical benefits coming out from such internal evidences (e.g. cost balance, income increase, stock release etc).

Following the above we would like to invite you to improve your ag accounting system.    

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