Agriland 2000 would like to provide to all interested parties its legal services in agriculture, expertise build over the 17 years of practical legal AG experience in Romania and Europe.

As it is important your agribusiness activities to be incorporated in the national and legal legal frame please find below a set of legal services Agriland 2000 provides: 

In 21st century, in the actual macroeconomic context, the economic shifts keep being in a high gear which affects the legal and cultural background. This is the main reason Agriland 2000 is permanently informed on the AG updates and new rules both in Romania and Europe.

Agriculture Agribusiness legal advice

Agriland 2000 would also like to encourage many private-public partnerships in order for both parties to benefit from the market value. 

Agriland 2000 supports the local, regional, national and EU AG environment. Romania is a EU member which is going to propulsate new waves in the coming years both in the traditional AG industries but in the innovated AG space (niche agriculture) as well.