AG DeveloperAg Developer of added-value (medium and long-term)


This is a new wave in the AG market which Agriland 2000 discovered itself and would like to promote it in the AG market. 

Agriland 2000 may encourage you to improve your profitability and/or increase the market share either by extending your agribusiness investments or developing new AG features of your existent business.

In this respect added-value comes along to your AG business.

Agriland 2000 has 17 years of practical agricultural experience building and developing AG ventures in Romania (from the West of Romania through the whole South to the East of the country i.e. Moldavia and Bucovina) but in the Western Europe as well (UK, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Czech etc) and Western Australia. 

Pay a visit to the 'For +Value' section to better understand this brand new agribusiness concept. 


AG Developer  

As an AG Developer, Agriland 2000 counts on the value built in the AG market and leads for healthy working standards among the AG players from Romania and Europe. 

Agriland 2000 is for increasing the AG value of your business! Together we succeed!