Agriculture Agribusiness large farmThe largest AG farming project (Dana Bucur AG largest farming project)

From 1998 to 2009 as employee and then agricultural consultant, Dana Bucur followed the natural process of building and developing her professional AG initiative for one of the largest arable farms in Romania + from office management to farm and finally the entire AG holding supervision. 

Thousands of hectares in Danube Delta Biosphere, this is where the largest AG project Dana Bucur was involved in. Arable marsh land pushed into one block by Danube river over the time.

The typical microclimate of Danube Delta Biosphere dictated the practicality of the AG farming operations.

The working conditions, isolation from the human civilisation, the social and economic context etc have been the main elements why a simple and easy-to-manage system of working was implemented in order to develop and consolidate the market value of the large farm.

13,200 ha have been farmed in an extensive manner and 1,500 ha more were explored for fish farming in the same area.  




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To manage a large farm means day and night commitment, years after years with no holidays or long-term breaks. This way the success was guaranteed. 

Mainly the strong belief in the agribusiness ventureteam working, perseverance in action and also the whole agribusiness concept simplified to the extreme allowed the operational activities to run smoothly and the AG performance to be fully achieved.