Dana Bucur Agriland 2000 Western Australia Dana Bucur in Europe and Western Australia

From 1998 to 2006 Dana Bucur was part of management teams in Europe and Western Australia.
In Europe Dana Bucur gained professional experience in UK, working for a large farm and also in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Czech, Slovakia etc being involved from farming to building new AG markets (e.g. natural fibre market for vehicles etc).
In Western Australia Dana Bucur was involved in the operational management of an arable farm, also exploring the benefits of an olive plantation but also working in a large livestock farm.
She had the great privilege to be involved in agricultural consultancy as well.
From different mentality lines and economic perspectives to working styles and new trends in AG technologies and innovations all these elements helped Dana Bucur to develop her agribusiness abilities and competences (know how). 
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Thanks to all the professional people Dana Bucur got in contact with, she learned not only about the agricultural production industry but more so about the new industry of AG services. 
With all this agribusiness experience on both continents i.e. Europe and Australia and also thanks to her affiliation to AG communities from Romania and Europe, Dana Bucur shapes the AG present and future through her entrepreneurial agribusiness activity centred from Romania.