Agriland 2000 Hemp

The eternal legend of HEMP for fibre and seed - present and future

Romania has good conditions to cultivate hemp for industrial fibre and seed.

Europe is nowadays a good market for the natural fibre and hemp seed thanks to the new style of living and care to environment.
Hemp for industrial fibre has many utilization areas from auto industry (in fashion today) to horticulture (plant bedding), ship industry, building and interior design etc .

Cannabis sativa culta (industrial hemp for fibre and seed) is a very old plant. This is cultivated both in the Northern Hemisphere (mainly in the Scandinavian countries) and also in the Southern zone of Europe.

Once upon a time, hemp seed was the main nutrient to many ancient human civilizations.

In the time window 2002 + 2006 Agriland 2000 was part of the hemp for fibre project in Romania and Europe. 

In this respect in Romania during that time large hectares have been planted with hemp for fibre and seed. The process to separate the fibre from the core was mechanic. The industrail fibre then was transported to Western Europe where the fibre was processed further in order to give birth to the famous hemp mats ready to be used in the vehicle industry etc.  

Hemp Romania Agriland 2000 Hemp Romania Agriland 2000 Hemp Romanai Agriland 2000 Hemp Romania Agriland 2000 Hemp Romania


In Romania there are two research Institutes for hemp for fibre and seed i.e. one in Timis county (Lovrin) and the second in Bacau county (Secuieni).

The hemp for fibre is very usefull to today's society. There are plenty of hemp technologies for cultivation and mechanic processing (Norway, Sweden, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Spain etc). 

Agriland 2000 is willing to help you from the seed purchasing to the market delivery. Did you know that in Europe hemp for fibre is one of the few plants with a substantial EU subsidy but other economic facilities as well?