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Agriland 2000 SRL is an agribusiness company with 19 years of practical experience in the agricultural universe. From classic farming to niche farming and then ag services Agriland 2000 built a portfolio over the years of large, medium and small types of clients. 

Untill 2006 Agriland 2000 followed the natural process of building and developing the professional services all over Romania, Europe and Western Australia thanks to the key catalyzer in the person of Mrs Dana Bucur. 

Dana Bucur is the one who built and boost the value of the company in the agricultural market. Her practical experience is based on large scale-farming in Romania, Europe and Western Australia.

In Romania she was involved in the management of a 13,200 ha arable farm, 1,200 ha fish farming but also she built and manage eight small farms in the South of the country (arable farming from 15 ha to 385 ha). She was also involved in the vegetables farming and processing, hemp for fibre cultivation and processing and work-contracting.

In Europe Dana Bucur did consolidate her skills both in farming and natural fibre processing.

In Western Australia she was involved in large-scale farming, livestock entity and also in the agricultural consultancy area.     

Dana Bucur graduated an Economics degree and a Master at a Top Romanian University and 2 MBAs, one in UK and the second one i.e. an Agribusiness MBA in Romania & Germany.

Her fleet of specialists and executives +the AG flowing power of Agriland 2000+ are Romanians with agricultural and economics degrees.    

Agriland 2000 Romania Europa Agriland 2000 Romania Agriland 2000 Europe Agriland 2000 Europe Agriland 2000 Australia

Agriland 2000 is a business entity with its head offices in Bucharest, Romania and a large portfolio of agribusiness services all over Romania and Europe.

Agriland 2000 has its own fleet of executives (employees) and also reliable AG partners with which the company built successfull projects in Romania and abroad in various fields such as (but not only) AG real estate (land and farms acquisitions, consolidation, management etc), project management, farm management, marketing, trading, scientifical research, tax and accounting, training and education etc.